"Gamteka" company specializes in improving water quality.
Various water filters for household and commercial use.
Household water filters
  • Mechanical impurities filters

  • Water softeners

  • Iron removal filters

  • RO domestic drinking water systems

  • Cartridges (mechanical, activated carbon, mineralization, with resin and others)

Buitiniai vandens filtrai
Industrial water filters
  • Mechanical impurities filters

  • Activated carbon filters

  • Water softeners

  • Deionization cartridges and filters

  • Iron removal filters

  • Reverse Osmosis Equipment (RO units)

  • Drinking water stations

  • Ultrafiltration plants

  • UV disinfection systems

  • Chemical reagent dosing equipment

Pramoniniai vandens filtrai
Commercial facilities where our water filtration systems operating
  • Industrial premises: Warehouses, logistics centers, workshops, factories, production premises, watering places

  • Leisure facilities: Restaurants, hotels, cafes, sports clubs

  • Retail Premises: Retail premises, retail, outlets and malls

  • Office premises: Service offices, trade offices

  • Health care facilities: SPA, medical centers, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, swimming pools

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