Services and history

Gamteka has been specializing in water quality treatment since 2001. In our company successfully working not only young, ambitious, highly qualified specialists, but also professionals with more than 25 years of work experience. Thanks to this, we can responsibly and in the most optimal way meet your water quality needs.

We successfully cooperate with world-renowned water filter manufacturers and project managers, thats why we can offer products that meet the highest standards and work to solve real customers problems.

Today, we continue to strive for perfection, working only with the highest quality equipment and tools. Our employees are constantly improving their professional qualifications. The main focus is on the quality of products, services and customer service. We strive to provide the highest quality services.

Gamteka company people and culture

Our staff is what makes us unique. The employees of our company are certified in the fields of water filtration, water supply and sewage disposal. Every employee is valued and everyone’s opinion is heard.

At Gamteka, we firmly believe in giving our employees a voice. Various company meetings are held to ensure maximum productivity and engagement.