Design and manufacture of water filters

Certified engineers professionally design water treatment systems for a variety of applications. Prepares project proposals. In addition, it is advisable to find the best solution, even in the most difficult situations.

Entrust these works to our specialists and rest assured that you will get the best solution for you. Remember - the more accurate and detailed you give for us your wishes, the faster the project proposals will be prepared.

Vandens filtrų projektavimas ir gamyba


Filters repair and service

We repair, replace and modernize water filtration equipment of all manufacturers, if it`s possible. Control valves repair, programming, replacement of cartridges for domestic reverse osmosis systems, washing and replacing industrial RO membranes, resin renewing, and all other filter maintenance.

We have a wide range of spare parts, as well as excellent opportunities to quickly get original parts directly from suppliers. We cooperate with 80%. companies in the market that specialize in water treatment.

Filtrų remontas ir serviso paslaugos


Resin replacement and filters renewing

At an excellent price-quality ratio, the specialists working in our company will replace the resin of your water filters with a new one. When changing the fillers, the inner part of the filter tank is cleaned, and if necessary, the entire distribution system and pipeline are selected and cleaned. We are also replacing the filtration cartridges for RO drinking water systems.

Užpildų keitimas ir filtrų atnaujinimas


Delivery of goods and consumables

Delivery of goods throughout Lithuania and EU countries. Delivery of water filters in Kaunas - free of charge. Other cities by agreement. The delivery price of consumables is coordinated and calculated individually (salt for water filters, etc.).

Prekių ir eksploatacinių medžiagų pristatymas


Free professional consultation

Water quality improvement professionals consult you for free. These consultations are essential tips at the right time for you. Talk to the professionals working in our company and solve any water quality problems, find out the answers to your questions. Consult with us to avoid such unfavorable phrases as: if only I knew...

Nemokama profesionali konsultacija


Warranty and post-warranty service

Employees of our company and service engineers perform warranty and post-warranty service of all water treatment equipment installed by UAB "Gamteka", using original spare parts and consumables recommended by the manufacturers.

The warranty period is 24 months for private individuals and 12 months for companies from the date of installation of the equipment, unless otherwise provided.

Garantinis ir pogarantinis aptarnavimas

Contact with us

Contact our consultants and together we will turn your water disadvantages into benefits.